I am all about the open source lifestyle. I live with integrity and it can not be compromised by the meager sums of money that are offered for me to bend the truth.

Big sums of money are a whole different matter though. *hint* *hint*

In all seriousness though, If a company sends me a product to test, they better make sure that they have the best thing ever, because I absolutely love to be brutally honest... "It's not the pants."

As far as your personal information is concerned, I don't even look at it. I do have access to your I.P. address through my analytic program, but I don't use it for anything other than seeing which countries are checking out this site.

You will never have to worry about me selling your personal data that is collected on this site. I am actually a pretty nice dude, not some faceless corporation that is only concerned about making a profit to satiate their swarm of greedy investors.

I live by one rule: DO NO HARM. Some call it the golden rule but I prefer to think of it as the one rule to rule them all.